2024-06-19 12:13 AM

Nicholas F. Benton: ‘Peak Oil Crisis’ Is Alive & Well

This month marks the fourth anniversary of now-globally famous commentator Tom Whipple’s “Peak Oil Crisis” column that originated with and has been published weekly exclusively in the Falls Church News-Press, the Washington D.C. area’s most progressive newspaper.

Moran Touts Light Rail on Rt. 7 to F.C. Council


The prospect of a light rail line extending the length of Route 7, through the City of Falls Church, from Bailey’s Crossroads to Tysons Corner was the focus of U.S. Rep. Jim Moran’s remarks to the F.C. City Council Monday.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Pondering the Near Future

We are faced with three serious problems that are going to bring about radical changes in our lifestyles. In order of urgency, the problems are the great economic recession/financial crisis, the peaking of world oil and other fossil fuel production, and global warming. The opening effects of these problems are already upon us, but it […]

Editorial: GOP Obstruction & Virginia Elections

President Obama’s State of the Union message Tuesday night focused directly on the interests of the American people in a way that hasn’t been heard in such an address this entire decade to date.

Falls Church Locals Organize National Service Day of Efforts

In recognition of national day of service on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, Jan. 19, area groups have rallied behind President-elect Barack Obama’s initiative and stepped up efforts to raise hope and wellbeing among Falls Church’s less fortunate.

Congressman Jim Moran’s News Commentary

A number of efforts to address the high cost of energy have failed on the House floor in recent weeks. While those that voted against the legislation claim to be for lower prices at the pump, it remains to be seen why they have taken positions that would prevent Congress from taking proactive steps to […]

Anything But Straight: The Fall of Dr. Warren Throckmorton

A few years back, Warren Throckmorton, an erstwhile psychologist and full-time blogger from a tiny Christian school, filmed a noxious "ex-gay" video, "I Do Exist." The documentary begins at New York’s porn palaces on 8th Avenue – with the seedy atmosphere shot deliberately to signify gay life.  

Obama Opens N.Va. Office in F.C., Clinton Visits Arlington

Virginia Primaries Tuesday for Dem, GOP Rivals With no conclusive outcome for either party following the 24 primaries on so-called Super Tuesday, the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns headed into their next round this weekend, which includes the “Potomac primaries” in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia next Tuesday.


In its coverage of the Falls Church City Council’s vote on the City Center plan last week, the News-Press inadvertently failed to accurately characterize the testimony of citizens Nader Baroukh and Bernadette Fancuberta. Both are adamantly opposed to the project as it is currently being proposed, and have spearheaded efforts by other citizens to express […]