2024-05-20 12:46 PM

The Peak Oil Crisis: Renovating Suburbia

There has been a lot written lately about the coming demise of America’s suburbs. The general thesis is that without cheap fuels for cars, lawnmowers and heating, suburban living will become untenable.

3 Hot Home Improvement Trends

From small, do-it-yourself projects to dramatic large-scale procedures that require a contractor, there are several home improvement jobs that are currently all the rage. The News-Press caught up with Kevin Krom of Ardent Home Services in Sterling and John Taylor of Brown’s Hardware in Falls Church to find out the latest fads in remodeling and […]

Peak Oil Crisis: By Order of the Governor

Earlier this month, the Governor of Virginia issued what is sure to be one of many orders, laws and regulations mandating greater efficiency in the use of energy. Although justified in terms of saving taxpayer money, wise use of natural resources and reducing greenhouse gases, the order serves equally well as a preemptory strike against […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Alternatives

Something few of us are aware of is the massive waste built into the energy systems we have built over the last 100 years. This week, I am going to talk about electricity generation, but the same point can be made about the internal combustion engine which is a monument to inefficiency.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Conserving Light

This week the UN is to come up with a sanctions resolution that will keep Iran’s two million barrels a day of exports flowing and at the same time convince Tehran to give up on uninspected nuclear enrichment.