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Letters to the Editor for Week of March 26 – April 1, 2009

We Ignore History at Our Peril Editor, With respect to your March 19 editorial, “Funky, Happy, Forward Thinking,” I would like you to reconsider your sentiment that “history is not a big deal” and that it is best not to delve into history since it might be “unpleasant.”

Editorial: Funky, Happy, Forward Thinking

The official “branding” process underway to help succinctly describe the core identity of the City of Falls Church began in earnest with a meeting of citizen activists representing a diverse cross-section of interests in the City earlier this month.

Editorial: Waiting for Wammie

Yet again this month, on Feb. 15 the “Wammies,” the Washington Area Music Association’s annual awards bash, is coming to the State Theatre in downtown Falls Church.

Editorial: ‘Branding Falls Church’

The new “Brand Development Initiative” launched by the Falls Church Economic Development Authority (EDA) this week comes as a sight for sore eyes among those, most especially this newspaper, who have long been touting the need for an aggressive and comprehensive marketing strategy for the City of Falls Church.

F.C.-Fairfax Swap Editorial Stirs Controversy

An editorial in last week’s News-Press proposing a swap of assets and real estate between the City of Falls Church and Fairfax County drew strong reactions this week from quarters on both sides of the jurisdictional boundaries.

Editorial: Swap of the Century?

Little did we imagine that our editorial last week, entitled “A Modest Proposal,” would spark the kind of reaction it has. In addition to a lot of verbal comment, it elicited a thoughtful letter from a member of the Falls Church Planning Commission, drew wry comment from “Blueweeds,” the foremost blog focused on Falls Church […]

Northern Virginia Art Beat


One of two sink paintings by grand prize winner Matthew Klos in the $14,000 Bethesda Painting Awards through tomorrow, Friday, July 7, at Fraser Gallery in Bethesda, Md.

Editorial: Those Budget Priorities

Kudos to the Falls Church City Council for arriving at a final budget for the coming fiscal year that did not tamper with the well-thought out funding request from the Falls Church School Board. Those on the Council who were obsessing almost up to the last minute about shaving the schools’ contingency fund to avoid […]