2024-05-29 1:13 AM

Dowd on Drinks: The Season To Use Your Noggin

My introduction to eggnog came at about the age of 7 in the form of my grandmother’s do-it-yourself kit: One egg, an 8-ounce glass, a spoonful of sugar, a little bottle of vanilla extract and a fork.

Northern Virginia Art Beat


FotoWeek D.C., the first annual photography extravaganza in D.C., is now over. While more well organized than spectacular, it’s a new thing, and off to a good start.

Winetail Is The New Cocktail

AUSTIN, Texas — The shimmering concoction in the martini glass had a dreamy, pale green color. But what exactly was it? Perhaps the cucumber rose perched on the rim offered a clue. Was it a martini made with Hendrick’s Gin, which is made with cucumber and rose petals?

Wine Half Bottles

The hunt is always on for the trophy Sonoma red from Chateau St. Jean. Called Cinq Cepages, French for five grapes, it is a perennial candidate for wine of the year. It's difficult to find, even at $80 a bottle, and that's considered good value compared to top French prices.

Dowd on Drinks: In the Court of Public Opinion, Champagne is Fantastic

With sincere apologies to the late Dr. Seuss …                I do not understand the French,               When sitting idly on a bench,               Or fighting in a muddy trench,               Or berating a writer for being a mench.