2024-07-20 8:29 PM

Editorial: Drawing Lines on The F.C. Budget

While the City of Falls Church joins jurisdictions of all shapes and sizes across the U.S., and globally, in tackling with its current budget deliberations the worst fiscal conditions since the Great Depression, lines need to be drawn in a uniquely stark fashion in key areas to define the most important priorities in the community.

Editorial: No Surprise To Us Locals

The Falls Church Episcopal Church is now front page news all over the world for its vote, announced Sunday, to formally defect from the Episcopal denomination. But the 10,500 folks in the tiny City of Falls Church have had the Falls Church Episcopal — with its membership drawn from the wider region almost a third […]


In excerpts from a recent roundtable interview, Matthew Fox dishes on frenzied fans, script security and reveals what he considers to be the biggest question the island has to offer.