2024-06-23 12:46 AM

Jody’s Jam of The Week

What: 28th Annual Herndon Festival When: Thursday-Sunday, May 29 – June 1 Where: Downtown Herndon, Virginia See www.herndonfestival.net for hours, schedule and more information

Broad Street Construction Meeting Tuesday

A high-level pow wow of City of Falls Church department heads, business leaders, developers and downtown residents is slated for the City Hall’s Training Center Tuesday afternoon in a meeting that promises to be “interesting.” The subject is the City’s plans to reduce the number of lanes on Route 7 (Broad St.) in its downtown […]

Editorial: Shape-Shifting Broad Street

It’s becoming clearer now that the long-discussed transformation of the City of Falls Church’s downtown area is just around the corner. The north side of the first two or so blocks of W. Broad St. has yet to see the light of a specific development proposal, but on the south side, the Atlantic Realty company […]

Editorial: N. Washington Density Zone

The News-Press erred on its front page last week when it noted that the asking price for real estate in the commercial zones of downtown Falls Church have gone as high as $5 million an acre. Actually, there’s at least one parcel on Park Avenue, a third of an acre, where the owners want $3.5 […]

$5 Mil Per Acre?

F.C. Commercial Land Too Pricey, Centex Stalled Stiff asking prices for prime downtown real estate in the City of Falls Church, reaching $5 million an acre, combined with a nationwide downward trend in residential condo sales has brought City Center redevelopment plans to a standstill, the News-Press has learned. It’s at least true for the […]