2024-06-22 3:03 AM

Route 50 Fatalities Result in Push For Increased Pedestrian Safety

After a 2006 spike in pedestrian deaths, Fairfax County has undertaken a massive effort to improve the county’s pedestrian-accessible infrastructure and instituted law enforcement campaigns in hopes the number of pedestrian related injuries and deaths will come down in 2007.

Press Pass: Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs (Photo Credit: Autumn Wilde)

You don’t have to look far to find the recurring theme of Laura Veirs’s latest release, Saltbreakers. There’s the title of the album, which is the same as the seventh track, which is the same as the band name. “Saltbreakers,” Veirs’s eloquent name for waves, are clearly very important to this Seattle-based songstress.

Jim Moran

The House is debating a resolution this week expressing Congress’ disapproval of the President’s escalation of over 20,000 troops. Over 36 hours of debate have been scheduled, allowing every member of the House five minutes to express their views on Iraq and the President’s surge option.

Adverb Is as Adverb Does

"A PAL OF MINE worries that the adverb is in decline," wrote John Hildebidle of Cambridge last week, citing usages like "have your child eat healthy" and "fly direct from Boston to Timbuktu" as signs of adverbial erosion. "Is the Noble Adverb passé, defended only by those dauntless pedants who are still battling the split […]