2024-07-14 6:57 PM

Kaine Says Va. GOP to Regret Killing Extended Unemployment


  Governor Tim Kaine (front, left) spoke at a fundraiser for Virginia Delegatge Jim Scott (front, right) last week. It is beginning to dawn on Virginia Republicans that the vote by their colleagues in the House of Delegates to kill an initiative to extend unemployment benefits was a huge blunder that could cost them dearly in this […]

Richard Barton: Our Man in Arlington

Well, it’s over! The Democratic nomination battle, that is. It was a hard fought race, and as it progressed it developed some corrosive animosities between hard core Obama and Clinton fans.

Nicholas F. Benton: Ted Kennedy

News like that about Sen. Ted Kennedy last week comes like a kick in the solar plexus. It stops everything dead in its tracks. All the jockeying, all the bickering of political and personal lives is put on hold and a deep collective sob is heard issued forth from every mere mortal.

Delegate Scott’s Richmond Report

Left in committee Thanks to the press, many people know that numerous bills considered in the House of Delegates never receive a recorded vote. No minutes are taken of subcommittee votes so the chair of the full committee has to rely on the chair of the subcommittee to report accurately on the bills that are […]

Senator Whipple’s Richmond Report

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in week five of the 2008 session of the Virginia General Assembly. It’s been a productive and exciting session so far. Senate Bill 54, which I introduced and which encourages and supports the construction of affordable housing in Falls Church, passed the Senate unanimously and is on its […]