2024-07-17 5:23 AM

Mystery Benefactor Pays Fares For GEORGE Riders Today

Rides are free on the City of Falls Church’s GEORGE bus system today as a mystery benefactor has reportedly picked up the tab for all riders in hopes of encouraging a large turnout of GEORGE supporters at tonight’s Falls Church City Council budget hearing. According to News-Press sources, at least one City Council member is […]

Steep Nosedive in Sales Tax Revenue Besets F.C. Budget


The global recession has translated into a steep nosedive in sales tax revenues, rather than declining residential real estate values, as the primary cause of a $1.2 million shortfall that confronts the City of Falls Church as it moves toward adoption of a budget for the new fiscal year.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Cars – Redux

I hate to keep coming back to cars, but in the last hundred years they have come to be one of the most significant facets of civilization – yet their future is in doubt.

Nicholas F. Benton: The Harvey Milk I Knew

On the 30th anniversary of his assassination, a true American civil rights hero has finally been introduced to a wide national audience with the release of the outstanding, Oscar-worthy film, “Milk,” in theatres this week.

Editorial: How Ads Work

Despite the almost breathtaking initiative coming out of Falls Church’s City Hall last week to move with warp-speed to pitch the City to the new Congress, in Washington for orientation, and the legions applying for 7,000 jobs with the new administration, no mention of the effort was made at this week’s City Council meeting.

Press Pass: Holiday Music Guide


The holidays are a great time of year … unless you’re looking for live music. Let’s be honest, this time of year carolers and choirs are usually the best you can do on the concert scene with most bands worth watching spending their holidays at home.

Editorial: The Coming Turnover

It is a generally overlooked fact, obfuscated perhaps by all the attention being given to the upcoming election and the global, national and regional economic struggles, that the Washington, D.C., region is poised to undergo a massive turnover in population over the next few months.

Editorial: Who Can Afford It?

Admittedly, there are a lot of moving parts in the plan by the Falls Church Housing Corporation, teaming with Homestretch, Inc., and the City of Falls Church to hopefully bring 174 new affordable housing units to the center of Falls Church.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Polity on trial

The coming storm will bring one of the most severe tests of the cohesiveness of governments and peoples that the world has known for a long time.