2024-06-18 8:10 AM

3 Dem Gubernatorial Candidates Clash in Richmond


RICHMOND – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at the Virginia Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner here Saturday night, but his presence was eclipsed by a slugfest involving three candidates seeking their party’s nomination to run for governor later this year.

Nicholas F. Benton: Hillary: A Champion Of Women, Globally

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s tour-de-force in the confirmation hearing on her appointment as Secretary of State before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee provided a picture window into the scope and depth of the transformative power the in-coming Obama administration will bring globally.

Anything But Straight: A National Gay Vote Needed For Obama

In 1992, the gay and lesbian community galvanized around Bill Clinton in what is now seen as the first “national gay vote.” The stark contrast between Clinton and the rabidly homophobic GOP, which declared a culture war at its Houston convention, was the reason for this unified support.

Anything But Straight: I’m Having Nunn Of It

When former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA) endorsed Barack Obama in April and announced he would serve as a national security advisor, pundits naturally began speculating on his vice presidential prospects. The argument in favor of Nunn is that he is a former Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, which would help negate one of the […]

Anything But Straight: The Bible Without Bile

No matter who wins the presidential election, it is quite clear that the big loser in campaign 08 is religion. By far, the most strident political voices have come from renegade reverends that seem a bit hot under the collar. These cantankerous characters (or caricatures) have transformed their houses of worship into a harbor of […]