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Ceding F.C. Independence Beats

Giving up the independence of the City of Falls Church to a larger surrounding jurisdiction would be preferable to the City’s on-going need for economic development to meet its budgetary needs, a former Planning Commissioner and president of F.C.’s Village Preservation and Improvement Society (VPIS) said publicly Monday night.


Hockenberry Says She

Falls Church Vice Mayor Lindy Hockenberry announced at the annual meeting of the Citizens for a Better City (CBC) Sunday that she will seek election to a third four-year term on the Falls Church City Council next May. Hockenberry said she’ll remain committed to policies that will sustain the long-term […]


Webb Declares City Council Candidacy

The following is a statement declaring the candidacy of Lawrence Webb for City Council. The document appears as authored by Mr. Webb with no changes. This is a public service allowing those seeking election 500 words to declare their candidacy. This is not to be considered an endorsement by the […]

Local Commentary

Jim Moran

In the waning hours before August recess, Congress passed a change to the law governing the Bush Administration’s wiretapping program. This move, which I opposed, came only after the President chose politics over policy, negating a carefully negotiated deal between Republicans and Democrats in exchange for an overreaching, highly controversial […]