2024-06-20 2:03 PM

King & Queen for a (Memorial) Day

The News-Press was fortunate enough to be granted an audience with this year’s King and Queen for the City of Falls Church’s 27th Annual Memorial Day Parade. In this Q&A with King and Queen Peter Davis and Olivia Scott, we delve into the royal recesses of their minds to see what makes these monarchs for […]

Restaurant Spotlight: M


Where most dining establishments have trended towards complicated fusion tastes, gigantic menus and what can only be described as desperate gimmicks, one often wonders what ever happened to the restaurant that sticks to one thing and does that one thing fantastically.

Jody’s Jam of the Week

It’s t-minus seven days until Valentine’s Day, are you ready? The chance of being ready depends heavily on which of the two main groups of people you fall into. The ready-for-nothing group consists of your singles who are still trying to reel in that last minute February 14th date. They don’t really have to prepare […]