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King & Queen for a (Memorial) Day

The News-Press was fortunate enough to be granted an audience with this year’s King and Queen for the City of Falls Church’s 27th Annual Memorial Day Parade. In this Q&A with King and Queen Peter Davis and Olivia Scott, we delve into the royal recesses of their minds to see what makes these monarchs for a day tick, and discover why this year’s king might be taking a page from “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Falls Church News-Press: How were you chosen to be the king or queen of the Memorial Day Parade?

Olivia: I won the title of Ms. Mason in the Mr. and Ms. Mason competition at my high school. Candidates are nominated by their teachers and asked to participate in a pageant-style event. This includes a talent performance as well as a question and answer session for the finalists.

Peter: Reckless bribery of all the judges at the Mr. Mason competition, the
luck of an appropriate hat to wear during the talent segment
and the good fortune of having a wonderful escort for the formal wear

FCNP: How did you feel when you first found out about your title?

Olivia: I was honestly a bit surprised at first, but it was definitely a good surprise. I just went up there wanting to have fun.

Peter: Quite pleased … mostly based on the fact that I would be presented with
the Mr. Mason crown by the famed former Mr. Mason, Will Stewart.

FCNP: What does this title mean to you?

Olivia: To be honest, I never knew what the competition really entailed until this year. My junior year was my first at Mason so it has definitely been a pleasure to receive this kind of an honor. I feel like I’ve been here much longer, because I’ve been allowed to become an active member of the school and community.

Peter: It means the bribery was effective.

FCNP: Do you know what you are going to wear for the big day?

Olivia: I haven’t decided yet, but I’m definitely thinking about it. I hear we need to wear business attire. I’ll see what I can find.

Peter: Socks and sandals … maybe pants, weather permitting.

FCNP: If you were actually given the title of king or queen, what would
you do or change?

Olivia: I would probably change the education system somehow. There is too much pressure on students these days. I’ve read a lot about how colleges have found their incoming freshmen burnt out from high school!

Peter: I’d bring back some progressivism and compassion to America, roll back
rampant development in Falls Church and cancel “American Idol.”

FCNP: Who of past or present monarchs do you best identify with?

Olivia: I don’t really know.

Peter: The monarchical Lyndon B. Johnson.

FCNP: If you could rule over any part of your school, where would it be and why?

Olivia: The cafeteria. The lines get really long sometimes.

Peter: The cafeteria, so I could demand Spaghetti Thursdays be extended to everyday.

FCNP: Who is more excited to ride in the back of the convertible?

Peter: The convertible excited Olivia. The general concept of the parade
naturally excited me.

Olivia: I think Pete is because Memorial Day has definitely been a passion of his for a long time. In fact, the first thing he said to me after we won was, “We get to be in Memorial Day Parade!”

FCNP: If you could rule over any country, where would it be and why?

Peter: I’d say Ireland, because it’s my favorite country (aside from America,
of course). However, ruling over Ireland didn’t work out that well
for the British … so I guess I would settle for New Zealand. The sheep
would listen to me.

Olivia: Well, it’s always been my dream to go to Korea, since I’m half Korean, so I guess I would get to spend a good amount of time there if I was ruling it.

FCNP: If you were actually a king or queen how would you rule?

Peter: Unreasonably … yet kindly.

Olivia: I would probably be pretty light-hearted. I love to have fun so the whole evil dictator doesn’t really apply to me.

FCNP: If given a crown how often would you choose to wear it?

Peter: Tuesday mornings and Sunday nights, excluding federal holidays.

Olivia: Most likely only for formal occasions or special appearances. I can’t wear it on the soccer field that’s for sure! [Editor’s Note: Scott is a member of the Bull Run District Champion GMHS girls varsity soccer team.]

FCNP: What personality traits would you look for in a king or queen?

Olivia: A king or queen needs to be trustworthy, selfless, and a leader who gains his/her authority based on peoples’ respect.

Peter: All the wonderful grace and spirit that Olivia possesses.

FCNP: What royal pampering will you have done for your big day?

Olivia: I could definitely think of some things I would like to have done (like a manicure or a hair appointment) but I think the convertible ride is the biggest treat I’ll receive.

Peter: I intend to shower after the 3K fun run.

FCNP: What aspects of the parade are you most looking forward to?

Olivia: Chicken on a stick!

Peter: The Baltimore Step Dancers, Underdog, Operation Earthwatch, and of
course, the Kena Shriners tiny-car drivers. [Ed. Note: For a full behind-the-scenes briefing on those cars, see pages S-12 and S-13 of this supplement.]

FCNP: If you could choose any building in the world to be your castle
which would you choose and why?

Peter: Falls Church’s own Anthony’s, because of the immense power would come with the pizza.

Olivia: I used to live in Luxembourg and the residence of the Duke and Duchess was beautiful! I would love to live in a place like that. But I would probably have a lot of people come and live with me because it is so big!

FCNP: What family member or friend would you model your rule after and why?

Peter: My mom, because she is kind, loving and always knows the right thing to do.

Olivia: I would probably model my rule after one of my closest friends, Nicole. She has one of the biggest hearts I have ever encountered and her care for other people is something everyone can feel welcomed by.

FCNP: How will you celebrate after the parade?

Peter: Chicken on a stick, two funnel cakes and four lemonades.

Olivia: I will be playing soccer for Mason High School’s varsity team. We have a game that day.

FCNP: Besides being crowned king or queen, what is an accomplishment
you are proud of?

Peter: Being able to experience wonderful classmates and teachers throughout
these last 13 years in Falls Church schools.

Olivia: I’m really happy that I’ve recently been accepted into Messiah College in Pennsylvania to play on their varsity soccer team next year.

FCNP: If given one, what would your coat of arms contain?

Olivia: A soccer ball, a cross and maybe a globe because I have moved around a lot.

Peter: A large bottle of Memphis Barbecue Sauce and a picture of my dog, Chloe.

FCNP: After high school where will you choose to rule?

Peter: The great state of Massachusetts.

Olivia: I don’t know what I’m going to study or do after college, but I do know that Messiah is going to be a great place for me to spend the next four years of my life.





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