2024-06-15 12:57 AM

Our Man in Arlington

The American Century Theatre opened Richard Wright’s searing play, Native Son , on Tuesday at Arlington’s Gunston Theater.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Priorities

In the next few years, most of us are going to have to make many important decisions that will profoundly affect the rest of our lives. How soon these decisions come will depend on one’s individual circumstances.

Our Man in Arlington

Christmas is here! It finally arrived last Sunday during the Follow the Light Christmas By Candlelight Concert at the Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield.

Editorial: Art Nouveau & Optimism

For a wide variety of reasons, we are enormously pleased with the flowery, Art Nouveau façade of the 800 West Broad building that was unveiled to public view for the first time this week.

Our Man in Arlington

Arlington’s American Century Theater has a hit on its hands, or at least it should.

Stuart Players Pull Off Primo Performance of Arthur Miller

Repressed desires, festering grudges and a few kids looking for power and attention. A dangerous mix in any century, J.E.B. Stuart's recent production of “The Crucible” brought to life the consequences of such a situation and took them to their frightening conclusion.