2024-05-23 6:11 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

The Peak Oil Crisis: America’s Electricity

Earlier this week, the National Conference of State Legislators held an energy policy forum entitled “The Future of State Electricity Policy” for the benefit of legislators from all over the U.S. who were attending the annual conference. At the outset, the organizers announced they had been considering a transportation fuels forum, but had finally deemed […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: We Are Starting To Dim.

While waiting to see how the contest between a demand-killing recession and shrinking oil stockpiles plays out, it might be worthwhile to spend a little time reviewing the world’s electricity situation. If there is any form of energy that would be sorely missed by people who had once had it, electricity would be it.

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Meeting to Remember

On Tuesday, Oil Ministers from the OPEC countries gathered in Vienna to decide on production levels. It turned out one of the more remarkable meetings that OPEC has held in recent years.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Alternatives #1

The year 2007 is shaping up as one filled with bad news. It’s only March and already oil prices are threatening new highs. This fall’s hurricane season is predicted to be a bad one. Worst of all, a new study of coal reserves, which were supposed to last for the next 150 years, is saying […]