2024-07-16 10:51 AM

Dowd On Drinks: A Tour Of Craft Tastes

The alcoholic beverage field is a multi-billion-dollar playground where financial giants vie for control and international market share and entrepreneurs keep working in cellars, garages and the occasional squeaky-clean laboratory to come up with new products.

Dowd On Drinks: Four Roses Comes Home at Last

Long, long ago, in a market not so far from where I now live, Four Roses was a commonplace whiskey brand. I can still recall seeing it on the bar shelves at the homes of family friends, and pictures of it in magazines and on bulletin boards.

Down on Drinks: Costa Rican Treat Elusive

A reader e-mailed me for help in locating guaro, a sugar cane-based liquor from Costa Rica. "I saw a posting you made regarding … guaro. After trying it in Costa Rica, I have been trying to locate it here. I live in Florida, but travel to California frequently. Please let me know if there is […]