2024-05-26 1:42 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Maureen Dowd: Wilting Over Waffles

He's never going to shake her off. Not all by himself. The very fact that he can't shake her off has become her best argument against him. "Why can't he close the deal?" Hillary taunted at a polling place on Tuesday.

David Brooks: Playing By Clinton Rules

Barack Obama had a theory. It was that the voters are tired of the partisan paralysis of the past 20 years. The theory was that if Obama could inspire a grass-roots movement with a new kind of leadership, he could ride it to the White House and end gridlock in Washington.

Maureen Dowd: Begrudging His Bedazzling

CLEVELAND — A huge Ellen suddenly materialized behind Hillary on a giant screen, interrupting her speech on Monday night at a fundraiser at George Washington University in Washington.

Anything But Straight: Where Is The Gay Jesse Jackson?

As the nail biter of a presidential race becomes more uncertain, the only thing guaranteed is a good cry on Inauguration Day. Electing our first woman or black president will bring sobs of joy, just as the election of a Republican will usher in wallowing wails of woe.

Press Pass: Joe Purdy

Joe Purdy (Credit: William Snyder)

Six years of writing, 10 albums of original music. Six of those albums have debuted in the last two years. It's a dizzying pace that makes the Energizer Bunny look like a three-toed sloth after a Tylenol P.M. It's also the sort of songwriting speed that makes claims like this possible: Joe Purdy is the […]

Anything But Straight: Robots Need Not Apply

The most notable legacy of the New Hampshire primary will be the soiled reputations of leading pollsters and political consultants. For at least the past two decades we have worshiped at the altar of these glorified statisticians. Now the truth is out – these know-it-alls – don't know much more than we do.

David Brooks: From The Back Of The Pack

RINDGE, N.H. — The first thing you notice about Mike Huckabee is that he has a Mayberry name and a Jim Nabors face. But it's quickly clear that Huckabee is as good a campaigner as anybody running for president this year.