2024-05-21 11:37 AM

Our Man in Arlington

  Jean and I spent last weekend in Williamsburg attending the 50th reunion of William and Mary’s Class of 1958. It was Jean’s class, not mine, but it was a great weekend nonetheless.


Should you be driving from Sterling to Leesburg on Route 7, you are more than likely to miss the new 689-acre campus that is now the location of the Howard Hughes Medical Center’s Janelia Farm research campus. The elegant glass-in laboratory complex has been nestled into the hilly landscapes so that it is barely visible […]


Falls Church's Will Smith

While many area Virginians supported the Virginia Tech community this spring through prayers, memorials and letters of condolence, Falls Church resident Will Smith chose a different medium: music.

Falls Church Feels Effects of Monday’s Virginia Tech Killings

The pain and anxiety of Monday’s school shooting at Virginia Tech was keenly felt in Falls Church and throughout Northern Virginia, as locals could only wait, watch, listen and pray that a number of their friends, siblings, sons and daughters would emerge from the tragedy unscathed.

Senator Whipple’s Richmond Report

The Senate Finance Retreat was held in Staunton last week. Each year the committee meets to hear an overview of the Commonwealth’s fiscal state, revenue projections and the outlook for the budget.

Our Man in Arlington

Last Tuesday morning George Mason University Provost Peter Stearns was on the Arlington campus to conduct one in a series of discussions throughout the region on the state of the university.