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Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

F.C. Wants Arlington, Not WMATA, to Run GEORGE

Scaled-Back Bus Line Asks New Operator Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields was in the process of crafting a “letter of intent” to the Arlington County Department of Transportation when he picked up the phone to speak to the News-Press late yesterday.

F.C. City Council Adopts FY ’10 Budget Fully Funding Schools With Unanimous Vote

With a surprising unanimity and spirit of cordiality among all seven members tonight, the Falls Church City Council voted 7-0 to adopt its Fiscal Year 2010 budget, holding the real estate tax rate increase to $1.07 per $100 assessed valuation while fully funding the School Board request that will provide a half-step salary increase for […]

Letters to the Editor: April 2 – 8, 2009

Making GEORGE Go is Called ‘No Brainer’ Editor, The editorial in last weeks News Press “Let Them Eat Cake” is written in a way that speaks in plain language for the majority of the people and spells out why the “George” needs to go.

F.C. Council May Opt for Steeper Tax to Keep Bus

Holds Options for Leap to $1.09 Rate Voting Monday to give themselves the option of raising the real estate tax rate even higher than the four-cent boost recommended by City Manager Wyatt Shields, most on the Falls Church City Council expressed the desire to keep some form of the City’s own GEORGE bus system intact.

Editorial: ‘Let Them Eat Cake!’

There was an unsettling air of unreality that pervaded the Falls Church City Council meeting Monday night, the first that the Council held in an open business meeting to wrestle with the budget for the coming fiscal year.

F.C. Wrestles With Manager’s Plan to Kill GEORGE Bus Line

Prospects of terminating the local bus system, known as GEORGE, operated by the City of Falls Church, has drawn sharp reaction from disparate groups in the Falls Church community, ranging from those who feel subsidizing each ride to the tune of almost $8 is an exorbitant burden on local taxpayers, to others who feel the […]

Lay Offs, Wage Freeze, Bus Dumped in F.C. Budget Plan

City Manager’s Proposal Gets Sent to Council For the first time in the almost 60 year history of the independent City of Falls Church, its budget for the coming fiscal year will not only be less than the year before, down by 5.7 percent, but will involve the elimination of jobs, a wage freeze for […]