2024-07-22 3:53 PM

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Turning Point?

Events are moving faster all the time. Some are highly visible such as the falling stock markets, the steadily rising unemployment numbers and the drumbeat of global gloom and doom emanating from the media.

The Peak Oil Crisis: What of 2009?

Our wish has been granted for we are indeed living in interesting times. The world’s economy is either collapsing or is putting on a very good imitation of doing so.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Crash of 2008

For weeks now the stock markets and commodity prices have been falling. Oil is currently trading around $76 a barrel which is close to a 50 percent drop since the middle of July.

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Meeting at Jiddah

Last week the Saudis called a meeting of oil producers and consumers at Jiddah on the Red Sea for June 22. The immediate reason for the call was a one-day jump of $11 in the price of oil to a new high of nearly $140 a barrel. This increase was coupled with a spate of […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Summer Ahead

The situation is not good. Our average gasoline price just climbed past $4 a gallon and all indications are that it will continue to rise. After Goldman-Sachs made headlines by telling us that oil is going to $150 or maybe $200 a barrel in six months or maybe two years, Morgan Stanley announced that oil […]