2024-07-20 9:19 PM

Grandparents Club Unites Young & Young at Heart

It wasn’t long into her 12 year tenure at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School that teacher Maryel Barry conceived the idea for a club that would unite old and young alike in the bonds of friendship and respect.

Picking Splinters: Selig Squanders Favor With Juvenile Antics

Bud Selig knew this moment would come. From the beginning of the season, any fans of baseball knew that this was the year that Barry Bonds, the infamous standard bearer of the steroid scandal, would pass Hank Aaron as the all-time home run record holder. He had all season to decide what he would do. […]

Editorial: Barry Bonds’ Record

You’ve got to love San Francisco. What other city in the world would take such glee in thumbing its nose at everyone else by embracing, non-judgmentally and so fully, its hero Barry Bonds, as exemplified by the 42,000 screaming fans that celebrated Bonds’ 756th home run, establishing an all-time baseball record Tuesday.