2024-05-30 2:43 AM

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Summer Ahead

The situation is not good. Our average gasoline price just climbed past $4 a gallon and all indications are that it will continue to rise. After Goldman-Sachs made headlines by telling us that oil is going to $150 or maybe $200 a barrel in six months or maybe two years, Morgan Stanley announced that oil […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Diesel

The evidence is mounting that the U.S. might just encounter the first real crisis of the oil depletion age before the year is out.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Looking at 2008

Let’s start with the obvious. Unless something very bad happens this year – a big meteor strikes the earth, a good sized war in the Middle East, or a major sabotage operation– we are likely to consume another 31 billion barrels of oil or, as we call it these days, “all liquids.” All liquids accounts […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Diesel

The evidence is growing that it is going to take a really major event to get America out of its beloved and seemingly essential automobiles. Even with gasoline running a dollar a gallon higher compared to this time last year, consumption is holding about the same or even creeping up a bit. The conventional wisdom […]