2024-05-20 1:30 AM

Restaurant Spotlight: Chevy


One of the first things you see when you walk into Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant is “El Machino,” the fifth item on the “Fresh Mex Pledge.” Every 53 seconds, tortillas come fresh off “El Machino,” adding to the authenticity of Chevy’s.

Restaurant Spotlight: Zorba’s Cafe

You have finally picked up the last crushed walnut from your plate and savored the remaining honey left on the final layer of fillo from your baklava. Now you proceed with both eyes closed to smell the fresh night air and hear the bustling sounds of the city and the light playing of the bouzouki. […]

Restaurant Review: Bangkok Golden


Driving down Seven Corners Center it’s easy to miss Bangkok Golden. In fact the front of the Thai restaurant, situated in a cozy corner of the shopping center, still hangs the sign “Thai Spice,” from a previous owner. But those willing to look a little closer will be pleasantly surprised by this suburban Thai eatery, […]