2024-05-29 3:10 PM

Mary Margaret Whipple’s Richmond Report

Somehow the month of May seems to be rushing by. Although the Regular Session and the first Special Session of the General Assembly were completed in April, there is still another Special Session on transportation coming up on June 23.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Springtime also is celebration time for many Mason District residents and organizations. Congratulations are in order for:

Falls Church

Thomas Joseph King, Jr., a resident of Falls Church since 1952 and a quiet but tireless church and service club volunteer and pillar of the community, died after a lengthy illness last Friday, Nov. 23, at age 84.

Getting Everyone to Help Out With Fire Prevention

FIRE PREVENTION MONTH always means a Saturday open house at the new Falls Church fire station serving North Arlington and Falls Church. As usual, kids and their parents got to crawl all over some of the fire engines and other state-of-the-art equipment and are coached on fire prevention methods to put to use in their […]