2024-05-26 10:47 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Our Man in Arlington


Last Monday evening, I went to the Arlington County Main Library to see a new television production on the massive efforts that went into the development of the land use plan for the Metro corridors planned for Arlington.

Fairfax Water, F.C.’s ‘War of Words’ Escalates, But in Print

Still No Face-To-Face Talks As Row Grows The chairman of the board of the Fairfax County Water Authority shot back at the City of Falls Church with a sharply-worded letter this week, responding to an exclusive Q and A with F.C. City Manager Wyatt Shields in last week’s News-Press.

Editorial: Our ‘Real Estate Report’

For the first time in our 17 and a half years of publication, the Falls Church News-Press has produced a special 16-page “Real Estate Report” that is included in this edition and will also be available on News-Press newsstands for the entire month of August.

‘Pent Up Demand’ Signals Housing Rebound in F.C.

Developer Says Many Intending to Buy Here The City of Falls Church and its inside-the-beltway neighbors will not suffer the continued slide in real estate values that some officials suggest could leave Fairfax County with a stunning, overall 10 percent decline in taxable assessments next year.

Editorial: Falls Church’s Advantage

With the Washington, D.C. region now impacted by one of the highest foreclosure rates in the U.S., questions abound about the future of its prospects for development and economic growth. Among the big ones is this: Will banks and other financial institutions that normally fund new developments be willing and/or able to cough up the […]

F.C. EDA Hosts Educational Forum on Charter Referendum

The City of Falls Church’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) will host a forum on “Economic Development Questions Surrounding the Charter Referendum” next Wednesday, April 23, at the F.C. Community Center at 7 p.m.

F.C. Area Insulated from Worst Recession Woes, Expert Says

Fuller: Trends Vary Wildly Inside Vs. Outside Beltway In an exclusive interview with the News-Press Monday, the foremost authority on economic trends in Northern Virginia drew a stark contrast between the state of economic affairs inside the Beltway, including in Falls Church, compared to regions outside it.

Community News and Notes

THE MASON DISTRICT Fairfax County Police Department, St. Ambrose Catholic School and The Arlington Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless are seeking donations of household items to help ease the transition of formerly homeless families from the AACH Sullivan House Family Shelter to private housing. Donations can be left at the PODS storage units at the […]