2024-05-28 12:12 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Press Pass: Sara Watkins


Over the entirety of her 14-track solo debut album, Sara Watkins illustrates an eloquence as a songwriter that reflects her some 20-year career as a member of the Grammy-winning group, Nickel Creek.

Press Pass: Damion Suomi


“Right now, I’m in the middle of nowhere Indiana, going broke, and riding around to gigs in the back of a pickup truck … ”That’s the first part of the statement Damion Suomi used to describe his current situation.

Press Pass with Erin McCarley


A little less than a year ago, Nashville music artist Erin McCarley stood on stage at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin,Texas, preparing to perform tracks from her debut album, Love, Save the Empty, for the first time ever in a live setting.

Press Pass with The Guggenheim Grotto


The Guggenheim Grotto has always been a little tricky to pin down. The band’s previous album, … Waltzing Alone, featured songs that fit into every genre imaginable.

Press Pass with Shane Hines and The Trance


Sometimes in the cash-strapped world of independent music, you have to get creative when it comes to putting out an album. In the case of D.C.-based Indie operatives Shane Hines and the Trance, that meant selling the album before it was even written.

Press Pass with Greg Laswell


In this modern era of music, hardware like laptops and software like GarageBand has made recording more flexible and user friendly for musicians.

Press Pass with Stellastarr*


While Radiohead receives a ton of attention for its innovative sound and Death Cab for Cutie is constantly trumpeted for its profound lyrics, there may be no band out there with as much creative firepower as New York-based Stellastarr*.

Off Track: Matthew Sweet

According to Matthew Sweet, pots helped a lot with his 10th and latest album, Sunshine Lies. And yes, that is plural – “pots.”