2024-06-20 4:04 PM

Moran Puts $2.35 Million for F.C. in Fed Budget Proposal

$500,000 for Study of Rail Along Rt. 7 City of Falls Church officials were pleasantly surprised this week to learn that U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, whose 8th District of Virginia includes the City, included $2.35 million in his submission to the federal government’s Fiscal Year 2010 budget.

Senator Whipple’s Richmond Report

The Senate and the House of Delegates passed their respective budget bills last Thursday. Recognizing the prevailing economic situation of the Commonwealth, both chambers’ budgets reduce income and sales tax estimates and make significant funding cuts of $500 million per year.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

December 1 marks World AIDS Day 2006, a time to focus on the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This year’s theme is accountability, in continuation of a multi-year campaign appropriately titled: “Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise.”

Senator Whipple

Snowflakes greeted us as we entered Douthat State Park near Clifton Forge for the annual retreat of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources. Although it was a little late in the season and rather chilly, it was an absolutely beautiful time to be in the mountains for the wonderful fall leaves. Whatever […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Guns of August

The guns began early. By mid-July, Israel and her various adversaries were locked in combat with bombs falling, rockets flying, reserves mobilizing and casualties mounting. As the fighting increased, observers noted the similarities between the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 and the provocative abduction of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah this month. In 1914 […]