Author: Nicholas F. Benton

Local Commentary

The Election Outcome

To the winners in Tuesday’s important election, we say congratulations. There will be plenty of post-mortem evaluations and assessments on why things turned out the way they did. Sadly, it was bogus “dog whistle” issues of “defunding the police” and “critical race theory,” more than programmatic plans for improving the lives of people, that dictated pro-GOP outcomes in the statewide races.


Petition Made to Form F.C. Race & Equity Body

Leaders of important Falls Church civic organizations took turns coming to the microphone at the newly-revived in-person Falls Church City Council meeting last Monday to urge the Council to follow through on the suggestion by Council member Letty Hardi and a letter sent to the Council over the summer that the Council call into being a Race and Equity Commission.

National Commentary

Cato Institute & the F.C. School Board

The Cato Institute, where a Falls Church School Board candidate is a prominent staffer, is a high-profile D.C. think tank whose purpose is to influence the national political discourse in favor of libertarian policies. Far from the popular notion of libertarianism as a marginal and relatively harmless “live and let live” philosophy, in the hands of some of the most powerful financier interests, like Cato Institute co-founder, Charles Koch, it has been a battering ram against consumer protections and other forms of government regulation.

Local Commentary

Our Final Endorsements

Being as next Tuesday’s election day in Virginia marks the first major election in the U.S. following the defeat of Trump last November and his attempted coup in January, its importance to all of us simply can’t be overstated. How it turns out here next Tuesday will set the tone for the coming period both nationally and even globally.

Local Commentary

The Budget Surplus: ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

Monday’s Falls Church City Council meeting was a frustrating exercise for viewers familiar with some of the underlying structural problems facing the Little City. The Council discussion of how to deploy not only the $3 million budget surplus but the $18 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money smacked of a scene from a French court revolution era drama where Queen Marie Antoinette is asked what to do about the starved but angry masses. The people having no bread to eat, the queen quipped, “Then let them eat cake.”