Author: Nicholas F. Benton

Local Commentary

A Budget for a World Class City

The Fiscal Year 2023 budget for the City of Falls Church, at over $100 million certainly not the biggest in the region, but it sets a moral standard for responsible local government that takes care to address the range of priorities and needs from individual taxpayers, to seniors and others on fixed incomes, to sustainably quality schools, excellent local government and services, including for ongoing transportation and walkability demands, and the need for continued robust economic development to insure strong revenue growth going forward.

National Commentary

Trump & the Ukraine Invasion Beg Big Questions of Faith

On consecutive days in the same commentary section column space this week, two of the Washington Post’s premier columnists devoted their efforts to pressing questions on religious faith issues. E.J. Dionne Jr.’s on Monday was entitled, “Faith’s Liberating Promise, A Reminder of This Season.” Michael Gerson’s Tuesday was entitled, “God Is Here, Even Amid the Horrors of War That Test Faith.”


West End’s Long Boulevard Plan to Begin Soon

The Falls Church City Council this Monday pressed ahead with the next stage of its complicated agreement to advance the development of the extraordinary mixed use development project at the site of now demolished George Mason High School. It OK’d a series of moves to convey the property to the City’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) and open the way for the West Falls Partners group to commence with work on the 10 acre site.

National Commentary

The Reality Of Evil

Washington Post columnist Gary Abernathy’s provocative column in Wednesday’s edition, entitled, “Can’t We ‘Imagine’ a Better Song for Peace,” ignored the real reason for the latest surge of interest in the 1971 song by John Lennon, which of course has been the recent bloody invasion of Ukraine by Russian arch butcher Vlad (the Impaler) Putin.

National Commentary

Facing the New Fascism With Fierce, Better Angels

Russia’s amazingly cruel and evil invasion and slaughter in Ukraine has clarified in unusually stark fashion the parameters of the world’s newly reconstituted Fascist International that it spearheads: Putin’s Russia, Xi’s China, and anti-democratic Trumpians with their menacing Western corporate financial backers in the U.S. and abroad. Add evil Rasputins like Russia’s patriarch Krill and similar western charlatans like the pro-Putin Franklin Graham and other so-called evangelicals.