Author: Alex Russell

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Hydroponics is a Sustainable, Dynamic Gardening Method for New Growers

Hydroponics, a type of soilless gardening that can be carried out both indoors and outdoors, is a salient option for those who are interested in taking up gardening but have little to no space. It is also a good way to grow herbs and vegetables during the colder, winter months. According to the University of Minnesota Extension website, found at, hydroponic gardening is “space-efficient and takes less water than gardening in soil.” It also means “no weeds.”

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NOVA Nightsky’s ‘The American Plan’ Is a Brave, Emotional Success

The NOVA Nightsky Theater Company — a locally-owned theater group in the Little City, co-founded by Jaclyn Robertson and Ward Kay, the Company’s Producing Director and Artistic Director, respectively — recently opened their newest production: a nuanced and character-driven staging of the 1990 play “The American Plan” by Richard Greenberg.