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From Letty Hardi:

Dear Friends,

Exciting news – if you haven’t heard, the Oak St bridge has reopened after being closed for the past 10 months for a reconstruction. It’s timely news as this week’s update is all about infrastructure projects, based on our recent quarterly review of our work plan and CIP (Capital Improvements Program). It’s among my favorite topics, as it’s one of the most tangible ways we can see tax dollars at work, especially in response to top community needs. I’ll specifically focus on projects that you may see in the coming months.

Also timely: vacuum leaf collection has started this week. Over the years, I’ve received more advocacy to “leave the leaves”, especially as it relates to last week’s post on actions we can all take to reduce our carbon emissions. Did you know that running a two-stroke leaf blower for 30 minutes results in emissions equal to driving a Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck 3,887 miles? This year, consider leaving your leaves, mulch mowing, or backyard composting. (Note, Fairfax County is considering discontinuing vacuum leaf service – citing staffing and cost issues as well conflict with sustainability policies.) I’d welcome your thoughts!

We’re about 10 days from Election Day. Make your plan to vote – either weekdays or starting this weekend, you can early vote on Saturday and Sunday at City Hall. If you’re interested in helping my campaign in the home stretch, please let me know.