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F.C. Public Works Issues Update on Disabled Traffic Signals in City

The Falls Church City Manager’s office has reported the following information as of June 1.     

Both the Cherry and Hillwood and the Annandale and Hillwood intersections have been repaired today and are fully functional now.

The Hillwood Roosevelt intersection will be moved to wooden poles next week as an interim measure while the decorative poles are on order.

We will be installing cones at Lincoln and Great Falls to have all the approach lanes down to one lane, which will improve the flow and safety of this intersection as we wait for the cabinet replacement later this summer.

1. Hillwood/Annandale: The original failure date was 7/22 and we’ve been scavenging part for other intersections since then.  Last week we ran out of parts we could scavenge.  The good news is the traffic cabinet for this intersection has been received, built, and tested.  The original install date was June 5/6 to provide notice but given the situation it has been moved to today and tomorrow.  The signal is expected to be fully operational by the end of the week.  With the new cabinet we will be looking at making the intersection and all-red flash in the future.

2. Great Falls/Lincoln: This cabinet is maybe 10 years old but has also failed (very odd); we have one on order with a ship date of late July. This date is subject to change pending parts availability, though we haven’t received a notification yet.  We have exhausted temporary possibilities and the condition will remain until the new cabinet is received and installed.

3. Hillwood/Roosevelt: Three of the four mast arms have significant degradation necessitating their replacement.  Wood poles have been installed in the last couple weeks and LMI will begin switching the
components to the wood poles once the work at Hillwood/Annandale is complete.  The City has applied for a grant to fully reconstruct the intersection with similar mast arms as what’s at Broad/Roosevelt.

4. Hillwood/Cherry: [NEW issue within the last 24 hours]. Flashing green/yellow on Hillwood, flashing red on Cherry. Repair ETA unknown.