2024-07-17 6:50 AM

F.C. Ranked 2nd in U.S. for ‘Suburb With City-Like Lifestyle’

The City of Falls Church has been named second best in the U.S. for urban lifestyles in a suburban setting by StorageCafe, a national clearing house for rental storage units. The firm ranked the top 20 such candidates, and Falls Church came in second only to Edina, Minnesota.

According to its report on the rankings, StorageCafe said, “Boasting an ideal mix of diverse residential options, a growing business environment, plus lifestyle amenities, Edina, MN, Falls Church, VA and Palo Alto, CA, are the country’s top three suburbs for a city-like lifestyle.     The recognition is in keeping with how Falls Church likes to view itself, having officially adopted in recent years the slogan, “The Little City.”

The report says the following of Falls Church: “With around 15K residents, Falls Church, VA, is one of the smallest suburbs among the top 20 in our ranking, but it still managed to rank second nationally for a city-like environment. Falls Church is in fact packed with great amenities that allow a comfortable lifestyle. The housing inventory is equally divided between single family and multifamily options, adding a strong note of diversity to the local scene. Thanks to its growing appeal, new residential construction is booming in the area. As it turns out, Falls Church ranks fifth for new home supply among the suburbs analyzed, with 60 building permits per 1,000 people in 2022. Housing, however, is certainly not cheap, though the high incomes in Falls Church tend to bridge the affordability gap. The median household income is over $155K – more than double the national average – and the local economic sector counts over 44 businesses per 1,000 residents.”

StorageCafe is a nationwide storage space marketplace, with over 25,000 listings.





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