2024-05-25 12:54 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Beyer: Biden Budget ‘Roadmap To Stronger, Healthier America’

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer, who represents Northern Virginia, is the senior House Democrat on Congress’ Joint Economic Committee and a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, issued the following statement on the President’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Request issued yesterday:

“The President’s budget is a roadmap to a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous America.

“President Biden’s FY24 budget requests balance difficult policy choices to achieve fiscal responsibility in the form of trillions in deficit reduction, while also making the investments we need to grow our economy and build on Democrats’ unparalleled record of job creation.

“The investments in America’s middle class, workforce, and health are tremendous. In particular, the enhanced Child Tax Credit, which resulted in the largest poverty reduction in U.S. history in 2021, along with the provision of universal paid family and medical leave, give a vision of our country as a better place to live and work. And the completion of a $35 monthly cap on the costs insulin for all Americans who need it, together with wide-ranging provisions to lower the cost of other prescription drugs, would do so much to help people live longer with higher quality of life.

“I am thrilled that the President has made the full $1 billion request for fusion energy funding, which I sought with my colleagues on the bipartisan Fusion Energy Caucus. This funding will help build on the incredible breakthrough we saw in December at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility, by moving us closer to commercialization. The $8.8 billion requested for the Energy Department Office of Science is also very good to see.

“The President’s budget envisions major societal advances paid for in ways that are fair and responsible, including a minimum tax on billionaires, a revenue measure I introduced with Rep. Steve Cohen that I am very pleased to see included. This budget, if followed, would make life better for tens of millions of Americans and put our path on a country to continued success and leadership for years to come.”





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