2024-06-16 11:49 PM

Editor’s Essay: Landslide Midterms Are Now Underway

With voting having begun in key states already last week, we are now in full midterm election mode for the next less than two months.

Pundits and polls are dominating the landscape, but this election will be different. This election was foretold by a referendum in Kansas months ago, when everyone was shocked that a ballot measure aimed at outlawing abortion in that notoriously conservative state blew right up. Women even in Kansas, in the privacy of the polling place, delivered a very important message. They handily defeated the anti-abortion measure.

Far too few even after that vote have grasped its significance, treating it like an anomaly. But the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, that the Supreme Court decision this year to overturn Roe V. Wade has sparked something very deep and very personal in the hearts of every woman in America, and the men who support them.

As a result, we are in store for the biggest political upset in American history, an upset that even all the Republican efforts to rig elections will be unable to prevent.

It is stunning how clueless white males are concerning what’s going to happen. It is stirring in the hearts and souls of every woman, and if the objection is that it doesn’t apply to every woman, then that just blurs the point.

In Iran, this last week, the death of one woman has sparked an unprecedented outcry of women throughout that nation, against political odds far greater than here. The woman was killed by “morality police” in Iran for violating the law about women having to cover their heads in public. 

News of that murder have led to mass demonstrations across that land in the face of consequences far more severe than here. And only because of something as relatively mild as a rule requiring the wearing of a hijab.

Mild that is, compared to the new U.S. laws being enacted in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling effectively forcing women to subordinate not their clothing, but their bodies to an arbitrary authority.

We’ve all been hearing about the extremes the new anti-abortion push in the U.S. is causing to be infliced on women. Collectively, these accounts and the pressure the new laws are imposing on all women have become one of the most horrid disenfranchisements of one class of human beings against another in our history.

Stupid men think the abortion issue is political, or a matter of policy. Not for women. It is a matter of acute personal violation, comparable and even worse than rape in the sense that it is not a one-time violation, but a lifelong one, a never ending one for the victims, who are not just one or two women, but all women.

It is hard to imagine a worse social injustice, forced upon a majority of all the persons in a nation, than this.

Yes, perhaps it can be likened to Putin’s edict this past week ordering all men in Russia between ages 18 and 60 to submit themselves to the deadly whims of the state, to face being sent to the front lines without adequate training or equipment to be butchered on a Ukrainian battlefield.

The men who are now fleeing Russia in the tens of thousands, and more, don’t like the idea of submitting their lives in such a suicidal manner. But their predicament is not unlike that facing all women in the U.S. now.

Do you not think this is going to find a reflection in the midterm elections in the U.S. this fall?

In Russia, those sad men are having to pile onto the roads out of their country to avoid Putin’s latest insanity. In the U.S. the relative advantage for women is that they need only show up at the polls, and brother, are they going to!

The downside of the tyrannical approach to government is that leading requires the tireless imposition of force against a vast majority of a population, and the end is seldom nice for the tyrant.

Republicans foisting their tyranny against women this fall will be lucky they will be facing only an orderly defeat.





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