National Commentary

Impotent Male Supremacy

So, it’s now been put right out there. Who did not know this was coming? The umbridge aroused at the circumstances of the leak needs be so puny compared to the impact of the impending Supreme Court ruling ending Roe V. Wade and all its collateral consequences. The years of the extreme politicalization of that court, beginning with Republican House leader Mitch McConnell’s abjectly immoral blocking of President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland in 2015 and subsequent railroading into confirmation of three dismal Trump appointees, have sadly degraded the court into a veritable rubber stamp for the GOP agenda. One could credibly argue this politically subservient role was at play with the court’s regrettable vote in 2000 to ensure the election of George W. Bush, but any illusions to the contrary are surely now savaged by this latest turn of events.

People (we could say “politicians,” but we still hold out that honor may be deemed worthily bestowed upon that noble title in our democracy, as it is for many of our representatives) like McConnell and their slimy ilk, at some point in the future of human history on this planet will be recognized as a disgraced and veritably subhuman species of Judas rats. Dante placed Judas at the lowest level of his Inferno because Judas was guilty not of interracial marriage or same sex loving, but of something far more destructive of human civilization: betrayal. That is, betrayal of truth and goodness and the real people who suffer as a result. That’s where those Trump appointees to the court will end up, as well, for their abject lying to secure their confirmations.

But indifference to evil is also a moral violation. Still, we are confident in the collective wisdom of the majority of Americans, raised in a culture defined by the noblest aspirations of democracy’s founders and sustainers over centuries. We remain assured that our national electorate will not let this stand. Just when malaise and a stubborn fatalism was washing over Democrats concerning this year’s midterm elections, this revelation of the Supreme Court’s intentions will arouse a mighty mobilization that will reverse the current electoral trend this year.

Stepping back to the bigger, global picture now, it becomes clearer than ever that the battle for the collective soul of our species is fundamentally between freedom and tyranny. It is between the freedom of autonomous persons to shape and live their lives in their own best interests, on the one hand, and those who would use whatever destructive means they have at their disposal to impose their will on others, such as Putin is attempting in Ukraine and Trump Republicans are seeking to do with women’s bodies here, on the other. Freedom vs. Tyranny.

The added wrinkle in this latest development is the revelation concerning the extent to which impotent male supremacy (“IMS”) plays a role underneath it all. A rousing feminist revolution is being called for.