Letter to the Editor: Video Games and Violence


Video games over the last couple years have gotten a lot of backlash, but that is not new. Ever since video games have existed, there has been one thing parents and the government have complained about. That video games cause violence. That is even the whole reason we have the esrb (Game rating which is a whole different thing). But guess what, they don’t cause violence. Over 28 studies of violent video games on boys and girls show no voicence to other people after playing video games. One of the studies done by the Royal society said, “At this time, there is no link between video games playing and violence.” Now why do people think that video games cause violence? Well because they want to blame something. When their kids do something bad, they want to blame video games as the cause, not other stuff like stress or underlying conditions. They want to blame the thing on the screen, not the kid or themselves. Now this is not to say that you should give a 4 year old Call Of Duty. But the underlying point I am trying to say is that video games do not cause violence, and there are no current studies showing that they do cause violence.

Zachary Napoli
Falls Church