Letter to the Editor: Debby Smyth Testimonial


Thank you for printing the testimonial for Debby Smyth which I have learned was done so wonderfully by Gail Opitz, her companion for the past 32 years. Debby and Gail were companion residents in Winter Hill and both were known widely in our community as friendly, helpful and understanding neighbors. Together they were considered the axis around which the community of Winter Hill revolved.

Toward the end of the article, Gail mentioned that Debby’s last endeavor was that as an editor of a memoir, and I am pleased to say that the memoir is mine and is being done as a dedication to four-year twin grandchildren. Debby’s contribution as editor was incalculable and, in fact, she became a collaborator of the work. I have assured Gail that the very first copy of the book when published will be given to Gail and dedicated to Debby.

Conley Ricker
Falls Church