2024-05-29 1:28 PM


Along with many others who recently got their Fairfax County Tax Assessments, I am outraged. Fairfax County Supervisors didn’t raise the tax rate but they sure raised their property assessment values. I researched the property values on my block and the increases ranged between 12.5 percent and 18.1 percent. Why aren’t they even? I live in a cape cod which was expanded 38 years ago. My property assessment went from 615K to 723K, approximately 17.5 percent. Our county supervisor, Dalia Palchik, lives in a house which was valued last year at 870K and is now assessed at 957K an increase of 87k which is 10 percent. Why is my increase 17.5 percent and hers 10 percent? I was unable to find out the addresses of the other county supervisors but are they getting a lower property tax assessment too?

William J. Dunn
Falls Church





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