Ceca Foundation Announces Caregiver of Year Awards

Co-founded by Falls Church resident Matt Lawlor, the Ceca Foundation has announced its Caregiver of the Year awards going to April Eckman, patient and guest representative for the Baptist Health Medical Center in Conway, Don Okusaga, a licensed practical nurse for the Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home, and Rick Price, chaplain of West Virginia Caring.

Nathan Hamme, a Falls Church native and president of Ceca, wrote this week, “A special thank you to all of the amazing caregivers in our midst for your dedication and commitment not only to those you serve, but to your teams and the healthcare industry. To those that have survived these last few years and keep going, We appreciate you! At Ceca, we strive every day to recognize your work, and the Ceca Award is given out to hundreds of caregivers throughout the year for that purpose. We look forward to reading the heartfelt nominations submitted throughout the year, and we recognize the impact that you make every day.”