2024-07-21 7:02 PM

Letter to the Editor: Concerns Over Snyder’s Labor Practices


Your column, “No Pro Football In Virginia,” focused heavily on health issues and cultural elements associated with the sport, but neglected to mention Dan Snyder’s labor practices, which would directly impact Virginian employees as a result of financing a stadium for the team.

Dan Snyder has infamously cultivated a culture of abuse and inappropriate conduct, “both generally and especially against women” according to the NFL’s own statement following a workplace review. Congress is currently deciding whether to hold a hearing on the Commanders’ workplace investigation, in part because the NFL declined a written report that could be distributed to stakeholders like Virginian taxpayers. Prior to Virginia’s vote authorizing the bond financing bills, the NFL convened a new investigation into a recent allegation against the owner. Where will it end?

The majority of Virginian legislators don’t seem to care how far it goes. Senator Ebbin introduced an amendment to withhold financing until investigations into these abusive labor practices were disclosed. Senator Saslaw, speaking in opposition, said asking questions about these affronts to labor “does not belong in” the bill to bring Dan Snyder, the employer, to Virginia. The amendment failed, as did Delegate Simon’s similar effort in the house. Saslaw has yet to announce where these issues do belong, but it seems we can assume it’s somewhere after Virginians’ tax revenue is committed to Snyder’s pockets.

It appears that contemporary legislators have only one criteria when giving funds to billionaires: avoid debt financing. This is, of course, woefully inadequate. Then again, Senator Saslaw received a $5,000 campaign donation from the Washington Football Team eleven days before the bill was introduced, so maybe he was always going to be a vote in favor for this field of schemes.

Steven Savoldelli
Falls Church





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