Beyer Reintroduces Tech Improvement Act

This week, U.S. Rep Don Beyer, who represents Falls Church, joined Mark Takano (D-Ca), Sean Casten (D-Il.), Bill Foster (D-Il., to reintroduce the Office of Technology Assessment Improvement and Enhancement Act to strengthen the existing Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) by making it more available and accessible to members’ needs.

“The Office of Technology Assessment long served Congress as a non-partisan advisory body on technology matters, which is a major need now,” said Rep. Beyer. “Today Congress is confronted by complex issues ranging from cybersecurity to AI to energy and climate, and so much more — and reconstituting OTA would provide the Legislative Branch with a crucial internal source of expertise and counsel. Our bill would restore and update this key resource and bolster Congress’ independence and knowledge in a key area for years to come.”