2024-06-15 1:02 PM

Never Forget: Trump Is a Russian Agent

Now that Donald Trump has held the first political rally of his 2024 presidential election run, somewhere outside Phoenix in Arizona, those of us still hanging onto a modicum of sanity in our cherished nation that has gone so deeply into a moral, intellectual and political bog ask of ourselves this: Can anything be done?

Clearly the problem is not Trump, himself. It is the “movement” that has sucked millions into its maelstrom-like influence that is now on the brink of ending the American experience in democracy, once and for all. Trump is a flawed and expendable prop in this shift of our sense of our selves from whatever it was when we were growing up, if being of a certain age or more, to what it is for our otherwise seemingly normal cul-de-sac neighbors who now believe ever so passionately in “fake news,” the big electoral steal of 2020 and in bleach as the go-to remedy for Covid-19.

I fear deeply that the days of our democracy are numbered. We are going into a Dark Age now and there’s too little to stop it so far. Short of a huge mobilization of millions of Americans who won’t stand for it, this will become an inevitability.

I remain amazed at how the Trump culture, now the Republican Party writ large, so perfectly reflects the political cult I was familiar with in the 1970s that, I can see better and better as time goes on now, was a test tube for what evolved into the Trump movement, beginning with the Tea Party reaction to the election of Barack Obama in 2009.

This is a Russian operation hostile to the very basic notions of democracy that idiot major U.S. financier and industrial interests have bought into, thinking stupidly it will advance their interests.

This is a Russian operation, in fact. Trump has been the selected operative of Russian intelligence in the U.S. since the mid-1980s, and it was documented as such back then.

As I reported being a first-hand participant since the 1970s, and as I wrote in my 2021 book, “The January 6, 2021 Capital Sacking, Putin’s Role” (order it on Amazon), “Working in from the margins of American culture, Russian agents and their American ruling class allies flooded the ‘counterculture’ with ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ to undermine the serious anti-war, pro-civil rights, feminist and gay movements of the 1960s. They dashed the left with violent attacks known as ‘Mop Up.’ humiliated the Democratic presidential efforts in 1972 and 1976, mobilized countless authoritarian cults (including one that didn’t fit their new paradigm, the Jonestown cult), activated the fundamentalist ‘religious right’ in a big way for the first time, and led America to elect a movie actor for president with deep marginal rightwing ties.”

“Trump, who was likely a Russian KGB agent of influence since the early 1970s, was first floated as a future U.S. presidential candidate in the summer of 1987 immediately following a trip to Moscow. Not surprisingly, the signal came in a Lyndon LaRouche publication, the Executive Intelligence Review, which wrote of how ‘the Soviets are reportedly looking a lot more kindly on a possible presidential bid by Donald Trump.’”

It wasn’t 2014, it was 1987, when Moscow chose Trump to run for president.

Who at NBC took up that task to give Trump the TV show, ‘The Apprentice,’ to elevate his national profile and hone his skills back then?

In the 1970s, the LaRouche cult followed the playbook of the Trump movement of today to a tee, beginning with discrediting the media, including doubting what people saw with their own eyes (namely, the overt lies on the Inauguration by Trump press secretary Spicer) and the outcome then of the 2020 election.

The Moscow-directed LaRouche cult never saw an election it did not win and its test tube ability to convince followers was a prelude to what Trump now has millions believing.

What’s the core “error” involved? From the standpoint of “believers,” it’s grounded in the sin of hubris, putting it in moral terms: that is, an undeserved sense of gross entitlement constantly reinforced by twisted (demonic rightwing media) sources.





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