2024-05-23 2:16 PM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Letter to the Editor: Holiday Spirit in the Little City


My wife tried to dust the chandelier in our entranceway and the small cone around the light chain dropped down two inches from the ceiling. I couldn’t tell if it was just a decorative challenge or if the light itself might fall on a grandchild and nobody wants to be known as the grandpa who damaged a grandchild through negligence.

I called Gus from United Exteriors who had inspected our roof and cleaned out our gutters before. He said our roof was in good shape, but recommended a treatment plan for the moss blooms common to our area. He didn’t have a ladder that would do my chandelier job, but offered to talk to Greg from Hot H20 Powerwashing, who power washed our house this last year. They coordinated the effort and got to our house before noon with ladders galore. They declared the chandelier safe, got the cone back into place, changed our light bulbs and didn’t charge us anything. We loaded them up with homemade jellies and jams and wished everyone happy holidays. I mention all this because this is the season where we each appreciate a helping hand or friendly face.

Ken York
Falls Church





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