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F.C. Waives Yard Waste Sticker For Next 2 Collections

Due to the damaging storm on August 10, the City will waive the yard waste sticker requirement for the Aug. 18 and Aug. 25 collections. Brush must be properly bundled for collection: Brush cannot be more than six inches in diameter and five feet long, Brush must be bundled with twine or cord and cannot weigh more than 50 lbs., community members can use their own container to hold brush, or place in brown kraft bags with no yard waste stickers needed, Bundled brush, yard waste bags, and brush containers should be placed away from storm drains and fire hydrants, No tree trunks will be collected.

According to the City, trees and branches on private property — such as a yard — are the responsibility of the homeowner. Tree care companies must have an annual license to work for customers within the City, ensuring that they have met the City’s minimum requirements for bonding and insurance. The current list is on the City’s website, After significant storms, it is not unusual for individuals calling themselves tree specialists to show up at homes looking for work — they could be scammers. Make sure the company is licensed by the City.