Letters to the Editor: F.C. City Council’s Investments in Stormwater To Pay Off Soon

Letters to the Editor: June 3 – 9, 2021

F.C. City Council’s Investments in Stormwater To Pay Off Soon


With summer storm season approaching, I commend City Council and City staff for their recent actions to make Falls Church more flood resilient in the future.

Last fall, Council agreed unanimously amid difficult economic conditions to restart engineering for six priority projects across the City and hire two much-needed stormwater engineer project managers.

In addition to the City’s improved overall financial outlook, here’s a recap of some other positive recent stormwater developments:

The City is collaborating with NOVA Parks on the first major step to improve Trammel Branch’s drainage into Four Mile Run this summer during the ongoing W&OD Dual Trails construction.

Council requested and received green infrastructure recommendations from the revived Stormwater Task Force to improve stormwater retention and infiltration higher in our watersheds.

Fellow residents, Google “Falls Church Stormwater Utility Fee Credit” to find a handy 14-page document filled with ways you can help your downstream neighbors by reducing impervious surface on your property, planting trees, adding rain barrels, and more, and benefit yourself with a credit.

Of course, residents in areas that need improved drainage want help as soon as possible, and future summer storms will continue to be nerve-wracking for them.

Long term, the City has many large stormwater projects left on its to-do list, but City leaders deserve a big thank you for their great strides in recent months getting the people, plans, and funds in place to accomplish those!

Dave Gustafson

Falls Church

F.C.’s Public Works Dept. Welcomes All Feedback on Projects


As a follow-up to Mr. White’s commentary in the May 20 edition, Department of Public Works (DPW) staff met with Mr. White to talk about his concerns, and we are on the way to a resolution. DPW strives to provide great customer service and communication when work is planned.

We pride ourselves in working with homeowners to accommodate their desires whenever possible. DPW’s motto is, “Working together to sustain and enhance our community’s infrastructure and provide a safe, green, and clean environment.”

We didn’t work together in this instance, and we are sorry. We are striving to make it right with Mr. White. Concerns about public works projects can always be brought to my attention — we welcome the feedback: dpw@fallschurchva.gov.

Zak Bradley

Falls Church

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