Letters to the Editor: Why Did My Neighbor Steal My ‘Open F.C. Schools’ Sign?

Letters to the Editor: May 20 – 26, 2021

To My Neighbor: Why Did You Steal My ‘Open F.C. Schools’ Sign?


This letter is addressed to the person who stole the “Open Schools Now!” sign from my yard and the yards of several of my neighbors between 7 p.m. on May 8 and 7 a.m. on May 9.

Dear Neighbor,

Why did you steal my yard sign? Why did you walk five feet into my yard and take my property? Why did you take my “Open Schools” sign and not my “Thank You FCCPS Teachers and Staff” sign? Why did you take several of my neighbors’ signs on the same night, and more since?

Did you assume that because I have an “Open Schools” sign that you and I are members of opposing political parties? Did you presume to know how I voted in the recent presidential election? Did you presume to know my position on social justice issues? Did you wonder whether my desire to open schools could be based on scientific evidence and my deep concern about our childrens’ lost learning?

Did you believe that I am insincere when posting my “Thank You Teachers” sign? Did you believe the toxic, divisive, and inaccurate portrayal of people with “Open Schools” signs as anti-teacher? Did you assume that I don’t value the health and well-being of our teachers and school staff? Did you judge me as a bad person for wanting our kids’ schools to open?

Did you knock on my door to talk with me about my sign, as reasonable fellow citizens?

How did you think I would explain your actions to my children, as they witnessed my speech to support their interests silenced by a midnight act of cowardice?

Did you think I wouldn’t put it back up?

Julie Lockwood

Falls Church

Benton’s Column Saga Should Ask Different Questions


Nicholas Benton has spent five weeks using the News-Press to paint some “Beautiful Mind” level conspiracy theories, while that time might be better spent asking some serious questions:

Why was an unarmed veteran murdered by a police officer?

Does Ashli Babbit’s death not even warrant an investigation?

Considering how dangerous the January 6th protesters were, why did the Capitol Police take down the protective barriers, open the doors, and wave the protesters in?

Who gave the orders to them — possibly some Vladmir Putin puppet?

There are many more unanswered questions from that day, and Blue Anon might be better served by asking them.

Jeff Walyus