Letters to the Editor: McClellan, Not McAuliffe, Is Va.’s Best Choice For Governor

Letters to the Editor: May 13 – 19, 2021

McClellan, Not McAuliffe, Is Va.’s Best Choice For Governor


In endorsing Gov. Terry McAuliffe in his bid to be the 72nd Governor of Virginia, the FCNP editorial board said, “thanks to him,” Virginia protected women’s rights.

This seems to be degrading to the women who have actually been leading on issues like reproductive healthcare and the Equal Rights Amendment.  Two of those women are in the race for Governor against McAuliffe.

To be clear, McAuliffe has undoubtedly been a great Governor, and, should he be the nominee, I will enthusiastically support him in the fall.  But this is a year of choice — a choice not simply of who to lead us, but where we wish to be led.

At age 17, I’m excited for the opportunity to cast my first-ever vote in this year’s Democratic primary. At the top of my ballot for the Gubernatorial race, I’ll be checking in the box to vote for Sen. Jennifer McClellan.  I’m voting for Jennifer McClellan because she’s the proven, progressive leader we need to lead the Democratic Party to victory and the Commonwealth of Virginia to greatness.

Having spent 15 years in the state legislature, McClellan has more experience than all the other four primary candidates combined, and her record of success is unmatched as a legislator and as a leader in the Democratic Party.

Matthew Savage

Falls Church

Vaccinations Are All The Rage Around Northern Virginia


I had an epiphany Saturday night while picking up carry-out in Falls Church. Recently, Fairfax’s Health Department began providing Covid-19 vaccines to walk-ins at Tyson’s Corner Center.  

I mentioned the opportunity to the restaurant owner who said that their entire staff had been vaccinated.  

This parallels what I am hearing in my office where only five patients (out of about 120) that I saw in the last week and a half had not been vaccinated.  

It seems that in Northern Virginia vaccination is the thing to do.  We are protecting others and ourselves from illness and death due to Covid-19. It means that this summer will be much more fun than 2020.  

Let’s keep doing the right things to reach that goal.  

Please tell your family and neighbors about the walk-in vaccination clinic at Tyson’s (former Lord and Taylor storefront) or help them register for an appointment.  

For more info, go to fairfaxcounty.gov and click on Covid-19 vaccine.

Gordon Theisz

Falls Church

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