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Letters to the Editor: Hooray for F.C.’s Tax Cuts! And ‘Hooray’ For New School Names…

Letters to the Editor: April 29 – May 5, 2021

Hooray for F.C.’s Tax Cuts! And ‘Hooray’ For New School Names…


Let’s give a big “Thank You!” to City Council for reducing our local tax rate for the first time in 15 years. Their efforts will put more money in the pockets of Falls Church families. As we return to public life, we can spend this extra cash at local restaurants and businesses who need their customers back.

Our School Board deserves a much smaller “thanks” for finally concluding the school re-naming process. “Meridian” is the least awful alliteration, but it’s hard to muster hometown pride for a name we share with a mutual fund, an insurance company, and a charter school in D.C. If only the Board hadn’t paid $8,000 for a survey that showed we prefer “George Mason,” maybe we could afford both a new name and a new logo without the “M.” During the pandemic, the Board’s time and our money should have been spent re-opening our schools rather than re-naming them.

Dave Russell

Falls Church

‘Little City’ Spirit Should Extend To Keeping F.C. Clean


Thanks to the City of Falls Church for providing recycling services on Gordon Road where we can recycle our cardboards and glass among some other items.

Recently, I noticed a person sweeping around the big purple bin for glass. With a broom and dustpan at hand, he carefully scooped up bits and pieces of glass.

I thanked him, thinking he was employed there. Then I found out he was not. He had a flat tire there once and wanted to protect the rest of us from such an experience. I thanked him again, for inspiring me to do more for others. Often times, we are in a rush and do not realize our carelessness can create more problems for others. Let us take a few seconds to thank the overlooked good samaritans all around us.

Let us take a moment to clean up after ourselves in public spaces.

I see discarded masks on the grounds. I see shopping carts left randomly by shoppers too lazy or busy to take back to designated spots. My car was hit by such a flyaway cart. I have also stepped on gum spat out on the sidewalks.

The movie theaters, when they were open, often had sticky carpeted aisles from spilled drinks and popcorn.

Yes, sometimes there are employees paid to clean up. Often they only make minimal wage. Please be respectful and considerate. Make life better for everyone by doing what we can to minimize our own trash. If you can shovel snow out of the sidewalk in front of you by a bus stop, you can even save lives!

Helen Litjoy

Falls Church





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