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F.C. High Fundraises For Sports Programs on Saturday

Falls Church High School Athletics Boosters will be holding their FUNDrive on Saturday, April 24, where donors are asked to donate a maximum of two, 30 gallon bags full of clothes and household textiles. Each bag is weighed by Unique (2956 Gallows Rd, Falls Church), a thrift store in Merrifield, who in turn will donate cash to FCHS athletics.

The goal is to raise $1,000.

To drop off before Saturday, contact Lisa Johns at or by calling 501-951-1084. Final drop-off is Saturday from 10: 45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. at Luther Jackson Middle School (3020 Gallows Rd., Falls Church).

Clothing items that can be donated are men’s, women’s and children’s clothes as well as coats, shoes, scarves, handbags, wallets, fashion accessories, ties, belts, backpacks. Household textiles that can be donated include bedding, comforters, blankets, sheets, towels, linen, tablecloths, curtains, pillows.