New F.C. City Profile Notes Demographic Shift

City Hall’s newly published “Falls Church, Virginia, Community Profile 2021” has been released, and among its noteworthy data are demographic shifts reflecting robust population growth — an increase of 2,285 from 2010 to 2019 —adding that if the trend were to continue to the end of the decade, the growth in the last 10 years would greater than that of the two previous decades combined.

Demographically, the percentage of the total population identifying as Hispanic has grown from 8 percent in 2000 to 12.6 percent in 2019, equalling the percentage in neighboring Arlington County but below the 21.9 percentage in Fairfax County.

The City’s white population is 79.4 percent of the total (compared to 71.5 percent in Arlington and 61.2 percent in Fairfax), African American is 4.9 percent (9.1 percent in Arlington and 9.8 percent in Fairfax) and Asian is 9.9 percent (10.3 percent in Arlington and 9.2 percent in Fairfax).